China and Leningrad region: we expand the horizons of cooperation

On November 9, 2016 the delegation from the city of Huanggang, Hubei province, China visited Leningrad regional chamber of Commerce and Industry. The delegation arrived to negotiate on development of cooperation. The meeting was arranged by Foreign Economic Relations Department of the LRCCI and passed within the framework of the Leningrad Regional Integrated Center (LRIC).

The Chinese delegation included the representatives of the people's political consultative Conference of China, Huanggang city. The meeting was attended by the head of Foreign Economic Relations Department LRCCI and LRIC Lilia Arakelova. Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region were presented as one of the highly developed regions in economic terms, actively developing logistics center.

Development Issues were discussed about Chinese business in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region and cooperation between FERD of LRCCI and representatives of Chinese companies during the meeting. It is observed that the best Chinese businesses approved oneself in construction. Small enterprises work in the sphere of trade and public catering. A Foreign Economic Relations Department engages actively with the Consulate General of China, Chinese organizations and businesses, works with Canton exhibition and organizes trips to China.

Huanggang is the city district in the Eastern part of Hubei province, China. The city's economy is diversified. The manufacturing industry, agriculture, tourism, transport infrastructure develop actively. The city is known for its educational institutions. Huanggang middle school is one of the most prestigious institution in China. Educational institutions of the city implement a wide range of international educational and cultural exchanges.

Chinese delegation was interested in the area of development of school and student international exchange during the meeting on the basis of LRCCI. Parties discussed variants of cooperation in this area. So, colleagues from China noted the possibility of collaboration in joint assistance in college entrance of Chinese students, specializing in the training of students of creative professions. Lilia Arakelova noted that this project can be interesting for chamber because the chamber wants to expand China's cooperation with St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region through culture, education. In addition, there is a wide range of opportunities for the development of joint actions in this field.

Following the results of meeting, the parties agreed to continue development of the joint project in the field of international educational exchanges. It is worth noting the perspective of development of cooperation in this field, because in China there is active work aimed at assimilation of world education experience and increase in the number of international exchanges. According to UNESCO, the United Nations, among the 15 countries with the large number of students studying abroad, China ranks first.

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