The second annual all-Russian Congress for support of innovation infrastructure of small and medium-sized businesses.

On 25 – 26 May, 2017, the second annual all-Russian Congress for support of innovation infrastructure of small and medium-sized businesses was held. The event was arranged by Foundation for Assistance to small innovative enterprises in Science and Technology, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Union of innovation and technology centers in Russia. At the event the Regional Integrated Center of Leningrad Region was presented by Chief of the LR RIC Liliia S. Arakelova.

At the first day, the participants of the Congress were invited to MSU Science Park and took part in the panel discussion dedicated to involve the regional organizations for support of small business innovation into the interregional and international and science and technology cooperation. During the event, the possibilities concerning the integration of the domestic production on the international market were discussed.  It was noted, that every year the international programs of the Foundation grow in numbers, which are subject to promote the foreign cooperation and to help the domestic production to enter the international market. In 2016, new programs relating to the cooperation with Armenia, Spain and BRICS countries were implemented. Also, in 2017, the bilateral agreement with India will be signed as well.

The organizers paid more attention to the cooperation in the framework of the program “Developing of Centers for youth innovation creativity “. The representatives of Centers for youth innovation creativity (CYIC) were invited to visit a workshop and shared their ideas concerning the cooperation between sites to plan and arrange some mutual projects, festivals, competitions, round tables. 

At the final day of the Congress, the participants took part in the round table where discussed such an instrument for the support of small innovated businesses as preacceleration and acceleration programs. As mentioned, these programs enable working on the quality of the project and finding potential business partners, getting new knowledge and skills for the further business development.

It should be noted, that the Foundation for Promotion of innovation works on support for new innovators, startups on their early stage of development. Thus, new programs “Start” and “Nerd» were launched. The aim of the Program “Start” is to promote the innovators seeking to create and learn the production of a new product, article, technology or service using the results of their science and technology researches, which are at the beginning stage.  The winners will be granted five million rubles in two steps. The Program “Nerd” grants five hundred rubles for 2 years to develop an innovation project. Five directions are of the priority to participate in the program: information technology, medicine of the future, modern materials and its designing technology, new devices and hardware complexes, biotechnology.

In the framework of the Day of Russian entrepreneurship, the second session part of the Congress was held at Venue “ExpoCentre”.   The workshop opened the session and the participants discussed the interaction of organization-monitor with SIE – executors of Research and Development (R&D) in the competition “Development-STR”.  All speakers stressed that it is very important to support R&D and implement the events (“road map”) of National technology-based initiatives.

Various types of institutes for development and innovation infrastructure on support for high-tech companies of the Russian Federation were emphasized during the second day of the Congress as well.

The last discussed topic was dedicated to improve the client satisfaction by services of infrastructure. Speakers-representatives of the technology parks shared their experience and best practices.

All-Russian Congress for support of innovation infrastructure of small and medium-sized businesses attracts the representatives of federal and regional public authorities, premier universities for development and support of SME in Russia, business community, also members of regional companies from infrastructures for support of SME in Russia.  Congress is an exclusive platform to discuss topical issues on innovation infrastructure development of Russian business, to gather together in an exchange of ideas and best practices and networking for further cooperation. 

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