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Leningrad Regional Integrated Center (LRIC) started in 2016 under the auspices of the Consortium EEN-Russia on the basis of the Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Consortium EEN-Russia – is an official Russian partner of the European Union Programmes on business support “Enterprise Europe Network” (EEN) - coordinates the network of many Regional integrated centers (RIC) in the territory of the Russian Federation and cooperates with 600 organizations from 50 countries.

Members of the Enterprise Europe Network has created a database on making a bargain, knowledge sharing, search on technologies and business partners among all countries.

Leningrad Regional Integrated Center invites companies and research organizations, which are registered in the Leningrad region, to join the Enterprise Europe Network for further business cooperation.

For companies focused on foreign market - is a great approach to export and import various products, informing about their services and technological developments:

- information and advisory support for small and medium-sized businesses, research organizations and universities focused on international cooperation in Russia and abroad;

-  search of business partners;

- business negotiations with the signing of international agreements, arranging business missions;

- translation services;

LRIC participates in the EU Programs and in the international programs on development Institutions of the Russian Federation.

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